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To win this game, you need to match symbols on a valid payline. To get a small amount of available bonuses, you need to match three, but if you match five, you will get a bigger bonus. All symbols have different values, and the paytable will show you the value of each symbol.

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In addition to the basic symbols, there is also a wild symbol that can be inserted into most other symbols on the board and helps to create matches on the payline. When the wild symbol is used to create a winning combination, the prize is instantly doubled. The scatter symbol is the only symbol that cannot replace the wild symbol. If you fall on three or more scatter points, you will win and bet multiples, in addition to free spins. During these free spins, the same prize can be re-triggered an unlimited number of times, so it can be of great value. To get multipliers and free spins, you will be able to choose from five images of the emperor; each has a mysterious value, but you can be guaranteed some kind of reward.